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Welcome Back to McNeil Tennis Booster Club for 2017-2018



 Club Activities for Fall/Winter 2017

  • Membership Drive–Membership Sign-up ($30/family)
  • Fall Fundraising activities–
    • Buddy Shirts For Sale 
    • Concession Sales during Home Games
  • Providing Light meals/snacks to our teams during all Home and Away Games
  • Assisting in improving facilities for the tennis courts
    • Fixing the bleachers
    • Moving storage shed for tennis equipment
    • purchasing water coolers for the teams
  • Team Building Activity: Austin Trail of Lights Fun Run (Dec. 3rd)


What is the tennis booster club?

It is a club made of Tennis parents as well as people who are interested in supporting the tennis program and the team. Our mission is to help promote the activities and further the goals of all the players and our offices are served by parent volunteers.

What we do (and what we spend money on)

We provide financial assistance to the program as well as team activities and events.

    • Provide snacks for tournaments
    • Facilitate team-building events (e.g., fun run)
    • Provide an end-of-year Tennis banquet!

How we raise funds

We are funded by membership fees and fundraising activities.

    • Tennis family membership dues
    • Selling Buddy shirts
    • Donations
    • Tennis banquet tickets

Goals for the year (what more can we do for our players)

  • Facilities
    • Fix the bleachers for the home team
    • Provide bleachers with shade for the visiting team
    • Move storage shed for tennis equipment
  • Clinics
    • Clinics for middle-schoolers (future Mavs!)
    • Skills clinics for our tennis players 

How you can help

  1. Pay your dues, become a member, attend monthly meetings
  2. Volunteer
    1. Board positions (we need a Treasurer, Vice President)
    2. Taking snacks to games
    3. Helping with fund-raisers
  3. Sign petitions for facility improvements